Secondary and High Education in Spanish universities, professional training schools, private secondary schools and language schools.
Assistance and help in preparation of necessary documents for obtaining the student´s residence card.

Spanish is one of the most important languages in the world for culture and business. Our prestigious school offers you the opportunity to learn Spanish in its sunny and always unique place of origin, Spain. Our wide variety of courses in the country’s main cities range from Spanish for professionals to cultural studies. We will show you that Spanish is much more than just a language; it is a way of life. Would you like to know more about what we offer? Find out now!

Knowing languages is now more important than ever. With us, you can learn the most relevant languages to include on a résumé such as English, German, and French, or increasingly important languages like Japanese and Chinese. Courses come in a variety of programs for all different ages, from intensive courses to specific classes for professionals. We guarantee you will receive professional and efficient instruction designed to maximize your acquisition of your target language. Join us and master a language in no time!